Steelhand Hall

1— Entrance (4 kobolds and 2 winged kobolds: MM p. 195)

The four square pillars two on the east and two and the west. There are six statues of dwarven warriors three on the east and three on the west. 

There are 4 kobolds hiding behind the pillars on guard (perception 10). If they can stay hidden then they will spring the trap on the intruders by attacking them with surprise with their slings, from behind. At the beginning of the second round two winged kobolds swoop in and try to drop a rocks (3 rocks each) on nearest enemies before engaging in melee. The winged kobolds will try to land and stay as high up on the dwarven statues as they can (15ft high). 

A kobold trapsmith is hiding in the corridor checking on his traps within the corridor as he heads down to room 2 so they can prepare.  

There is a Choke Bomb halfway down the corridor (TOB p. 264).

2 — Main guard house and chock point (1 kobold trapsmith, TOB p. 264, 2 kobolds, 1 winged kobold)

The winged kobold is perched up in an alcove 15 ft up on the east side of the room while the other two use light crossbows from slits in the west all. The door iw bared from the inside.

3 — Armory

The armory has stoke piles of light crossbow bolts (10 pouches), 5 short swords and 10 daggers. 

The door to the Armory is barred from the inside (DC 20 Strength) will cause the wooden bar to crack. This will then allow another check (DC 15 Strength) to swing the door open.

4 — Main Hall (8 kobolds MM p. 195)

This large room has four main pillars each pillar has a prisoner bound to it. Only one is still alive.

5 — Store room

This room is scattered with rubble. There is nothing of value here just old general goods.

Treasure: 80 gp worth of gems, Quiver of 20 +1 arrows, a tarnished bronze rod about 1.5 ft long buried under firewood. (Wand of Secrets) and a chest with 900 CP, 500 SP, and 600 GP.

6 — Main Dinning Hall & Gathering room for the minors (Crimson Drake  TOB  p151)

6a — Kitchen (Gray Ooze page 243 MM)

There is a fireplace in the southwest corner for cooking, There is a large prep table in the middle of the room, cabinets on the north wall.

This room has a Gray Ooze under the prep table as the PC’s begin to search the room it will attack the nearest PC.

7 a-d — Barrecks

a— 19CP (2 GP worth of gems)
This room has three beds “nesting material” and a table in the middle. There are small chests at under the table. 

b— 12GP (3 GP worth of gems)
This room has three beds “nesting material” and a table in the middle. There are small chests at under the table. 

c— 15CP (7 GP worth of gems)
This room has three beds “nesting material” and a table in the middle. There are small chests at under the table. 

d— 13CP(1 GP worth of gems)
This room has three beds “nesting material” and a table in the middle. There are small chests at under the table.

The chests all contain personal belongings.

8 — Mine Formans Barrecks (1 Giant Lizard 100 XP page 326)

This room was once a large fancy Barracks but is currently home to two very large lizards (Giant Lizard). The room is a shambles and there is a carcass of some dead wretch that has been feeding the lizard for a some time. The lizard doesn't automatically attack since they are well trained battle mounts of the duergar in room 9. 

Hanging on either side of the door are two saddles that are obviously meant for the lizards. 

9 — Thangardt (1 Derro Shadow Antipaladin  1800 XP TOB 93)

There are papers on a desk between two beds along the souther wall. The papers are written in dwarven and old and appear to be mostly mining records.But a perception check of 18 will find the following letter. 


You must secure the Steelhand Mine entrance and assist Thangardt in discovering the hidden location of Askook’s spirit. It must not fall in the hands of our enemies. 


The chest is locked (DC 10 with thieves tools) contains mostly personal belonging but there is a fine minors pick worth 10gp based on its incrusted jewels. There is also a well

worn backpack with a central pouch and two side pouches. Inside the backpack is a scroll case (Weapon of Retribution BLS page 127.)

10 — Mine rail system to the mine

This large open room has a rail track running through it slopping down into the depths of the earth.

As they return to this room the will be met by a party of 4 Duegar on Giant Lizards.

11 —

12 — Grax quarters (Kobold Chieftain 1100 XP TOB page 262) 

Treasure: Bag of bean

Treasure: Serpentine owl Tentacle rod




As small crystalline orb set in a golden stand.


First Dragon Orb surfaces


Very rare (requires attunement)

Power: Once per day (a long rest is needed to recharge this power) the PC that is attuned to the orb can banish a creature to a dream plane.


One creature the holder can see within 120 feet of it must succeed a DC 17 Charisma saving throw or be banished to the dream plane. To escape the creature must use it action to make a DC 17 Charisma saving throw. if the creature wind, it escapes the dream plan. Otherwise, the effect ends at the beginning of the creatures 3rd round of action.

Steelhand Hall

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