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  • Thieves Among Us!

    As the players are wondering the market either looking for goods to buy/sell or looking for work, an angry group rushes through chasing a couple of halflings. If the PC's join the chase they will discover that the halflings are small time …

  • Meeting Gilmirie

    A finely dressed elven lady (Gilmirie) approaches the party and tries to hire them to guard 5 crates on a ship to [[Ashborne]] and then with a caravan to a small camp a days march to the north. This camp is the …

  • Let there be Gillmonkies

    The journey will take three days on day two just as the sun i setting the lookout spots movement in the water, a school of sharks about 40 yards starboard. 

    Party of 20 gillmonkey (5e Foes pp.121)

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