Lv 1 Dragonborn (Brass) Rogue 1
Kthul is a tall, muscular dragonborn with brassy colored skin and gold eyes. Wearing simple travelers garb, but obviously well trained. You swear you see a flicker of flame in the back of his throat on the rare occasions he speaks with a deep rumbling voice.
A primarily melee rogue, preferring to savor the kill up close… but if needed can strike with devastating efficiency from a distance before disappearing without a trace.
Traits: Kthul doesn’t talk much, but always has a plan for if something goes wrong.
Ideals: Life is forever changing, adapt or die.
Bond: Seclusion, not knowing if the Hollow Eagles are hunting him, or if they even know he exists.. Kthul travels alone to find his lost master.
Flaw: Kthul believes everyone is beneath him, but keeps his ideas quiet.


Almost 30 years ago, the lead assassin of the Hollow Eagles Guild was sent on a mission to murder a rival guild leader holed up in the mountains north of Clarend.

When the assassin arrived, the trap was sprung. He was attacked by members of his own guild, seeking to overthrow him as they felt he was old and weak.

The nameless assassin, as all guild leaders reliquish their names as they ascend, was victorious in defeat. He survived, but gutted his own guild of its best assassins in doing so. He fled back to the guild headquarters in secret, taking what he could from the treasure and trophy room and disappearing into the night before any remaining members could be alerted of his survival.

Some months later, a copper colored egg, thought to be inert stolen from a target many years ago, hatched.

Kthul was raised in secret, away from prying eyes deep in the Scorched Woods. The Nameless master taught him everything he knew about the art of killing in silence and everything about the traitorous Hollow Eagles guild.

One dark, cold night, the master awoke suddenly and stole silently into the night weapons drawn.

The following morning, Kthul set out to find his master. He never found any trace of him, or even any evidence that he was alive or dead.

Returning to the only home he had ever known, Kthul packed everything he could carry and set out to the town of Onsmill.. the one place the Master had ever mentioned with any emotion.. perhaps he could find some answers there…


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